This Another Indian is a common Indian with an average kind of a lifestyle, nothing is too fancy about him. He has a job, lives alone and rarely goes out.
One day one of his friend comes over to his place. The friend tells him that he had booked two tickets to Nanital as he was willing to go to a jungle safari at Jim Corbett national park but his girlfriend had to visit her mom as she was ill. So he had an extra ticket and wanted our Indian to go with him. This Another Indian says no. The friend tries to convince him but hardly succeeded, So he leave one ticket and says,”meet me at the bus station if you want to come with me or I’ll go alone”.
This Another Indian thinks that there is nothing much to do in life and it was a long weekend so he must go!. Our Indian packs his baggage and leaves the other morning. The friend was waiting for him outside the station, he had a feeling that our Indian will come. So they both start their journey .
When they reach Jim Corbette they find out that there was no safari for a few days as it was raining heavily. It was hard for both of them to believe that they both came so far for nothing. While they were having tea nearby they heard some college guys talking about some place called Sitabani(Sitabani was a zone near Jim Corbette where there was a dense population of elephants). So they asked the college guys that what was the deal, they find out that a guy was taking them to Sitabani and will carge a little extra they were 4 college guys so our two guys decided to join them.
There were mild showers of rain and the left for Sitabani. An hour passed by and they hardly saw any animal. A few kilometers ahead there was a river and while they were crossing that river, which was usually dry but was flowing due to rain, the car made it across but got stuck in the wet mud on the river shore. The driver got off as he thought that if he puts a rock under the tyre they could start the safari again. There was an old temple on one side with a little population behind it and trees on the other. As the driver got off and was finding a rock, a tusker elephant come out of nowhere about 600 meter behind the jeep. It was a weird silence for some time, then suddenly the elephant thumps on the ground and jolts toward the jeep. The driver rushes toward the temple inorder to save himself.
Our Indian who was sitting on the seat next to the driver jumps to the driving seat hits the accelerator as hard as he could and takes the jeep out of there.
This is how Another Indian manages to save lives once again !

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All the stories and Accounts that i have blogged about are real life events which I have came across till now.


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