Today, in the age of media, Major Gaurav Arya is one of the most famous and loved personality, who fearlessly and with logic thrash those who stand against Indian Army and India.

Major Gaurav Arya is an EX-ARMY who served 7 years in Indian Army from 1993.

Major Gaurav Arya is the tough, intelligent guy who can thrash anyone openly when they speak against Indian Army or India. Major Gaurav Arya holds the credits for thrashing the sleeper cells of Pakistan supported terrorist groups.

In one of the debates on ‘Times Now’ Major Gaurav Arya thrashed Shabnam Lone (One of the supporter of Burhan Wani).

Major Gaurav Arya: “Indian Army killed Burhan Wani and if there are any of his successors we will proudly kill them too”

Shabnam Lone: Who the hell are you

Major Gaurav Arya: “Who the hell are you, Mam you are a Pakistani, You are a traitor with an Indian passport”

Shabnam Lone: “100’s of Kashmiri youths will join militancy”

Major Gaurav Arya: “Will kill them all like Burhan Wani”

Shabnam Lone: “Oh are you Silvester Stallone of movie Rambo”

With some “Who the hell are you” in between

After this reply Shabnam Lone removed her mic and ran off.

Major Gaurav Arya also thrashed Junaid Mattu ( NC spokesperson ) on use of Pellet guns on stone peltors.

Junaid Mattu: “I disagree the use of Pellet guns”

Major Gaurav Arya: “I too disagree sir in place of Pellets guns real guns should be used”

Junaid Mattu: “Then all the stone peltors will take up guns then it will be guns vs guns”

Major Gaurav Arya: “If we are given full permission within 4 hours there will be no stone peltors”

Junaid Mattu: “Then why don’t you come here and fight”

Major Gaurav Arya: “Then u people will be crying ( vote banks )”

And when some of our so called intellectuals were crying that Burhan Wani was just a victim Major Gaurav Arya gave them a befitting reply “You people are calling Hizbul Mujahedeen commander a victim who had killed innocent Kashmiri Pandits and was killed proudly by Indian Army. If you see some pictures Burhan Wani is wearing Elbow pad, Knee pad, and holds an AK 47. I don’t think there is any factory of weapons in the valley. The style in which he is holding the AK 47 shows that he had a prior military training from Pakistan”

In one of the debates on questioning Salman Khan supporting Pakistan artists, Major Gaurav Arya replied:

“As far as Salman Khan is concerned this person has broken the law time and again and he has never been punished. This is why he has courage to open his mouth and speak nonsense. Had the government put him in jail he would have been in his senses and would have not spoken on national televisions like he did now. Does banning Pakistani artists bring peace between India and Pakistan ?? Absolutely NO but ART and BLOOD should never go in parallel. Casting Pakistani artists in India as if everything is normal between both the countries will bring the morality of our Soldiers down because he feels that he is fighting a lonely battle. Banning Pakistani artists is the way of telling our Soldiers that we are with them too”.

The day after Surgical strikes Major Gaurav Arya tweeted:

“As usually today I went for a cup of coffee to Army headquarters Delhi. I saw up to the sky to check whether there are any Chinese paratroopers or any Nuclear bombs dropped on Delhi “ as warned by some Pakistani Military Generals and Pakistan Defence Minister.

He was also featured in a Debate with Barkha Dutt in NDTV, where he tore apart baseless questions, like Why Kill, Why not Arrest Terrorist like Burhan Wani?

Here’s the Video –

Via: Quora


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