Pakistan is the sponsor and promoter of terrorism in the eyes of the whole World. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said,“There are differences on the treaty. For any such treaty to work, it is important there must be mutual trust and cooperation. It can’t be a one-sided affair.” The seriousness of the situation can be anticipated because India has never before touched the Indus Treaty.

The Indus Water Treaty is a water sharing treaty signed between Indian and Pakistan in 1960 under which India and Pakistan have agreed not to enter water wars. Also, the treaty gives control of the rivers Beas, Ravi and Satluj – three main rivers of the Indus basin to India. Under the treaty, India provides 80% of the water carried by the river Indus to Pakistan, and cannot block the supply of water to Pakistan, given the fact that all these rivers originate and pass through India. All these rivers combined provide irrigation to 2.6 crore acres (110,000 square kilometre) – roughly about 20 % of entire area of Pakistan and home to more than 60% population of Pakistan. It is considered to be one of the most successful ‘water-sharing treaties’ between two nations in the world.

If this treaty is broken Pakistan would face a tremendous lack of water supply, which will affect most of the big cities and more than 60% population of Pakistan.
Ending this treaty would be a serious blow on the face of Pakistan. Its high time they realise what serious trouble they are in.


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