It is common for a record to be created and broken in cricket. But there are some records that are special in itself. Such a record, no player can break for many years. Today we are going to tell you a record of cricket that has not been broken by anyone till date.

Jim Laker

England team player James Charles took astonishing the world by taking 9 wickets in the first innings and 10 wickets in the second Test against Australia. By taking a total of 19 wickets in a Test, James Laye set a unique record, which has not been broken by anyone till date.

When this history was created

James Charles took this record on July 31, 1956. James took a total of 19 wickets in the Test match against Australia in the Ashes series. This match was the fourth match of the series. In the first innings of this match, James took 9 wickets for 37 runs and in the second innings took 10 wickets with 53 runs. England won the match by 117 runs and an innings. Since then, this test began to be remembered as a Lakers match.

Jim Laker Record

For 61 years, no one broke this record

This record of James Charles has not been broken by anyone in 61 years. After this record of James, the second number is Sydney Burns. Burns took 17 wickets in a Test match in 1913. James Charles broke the record of Sydney Burns, taking 19 wickets. After Burns, the name of Indian cricketer Narendra Hirwani comes at number three, who took 16 wickets in a Test against the West Indies in 1988. However, Indian player Anil Kumble also took 10 wickets in an innings of a Test match against Pakistan.



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