After the ruckus over the alleged circular advising the girl students living in the girls’ hostel of IIT Delhi to wear ‘decent’ and ‘full clothes’, the institute administration had to be forced to withdraw it.


The institute’s Himadri hostel in the notice signed by Warden Sridevi Upadhyay stated, residents are requested to wear completely covered western or Indian clothes on House Day. The House Day is scheduled to be held on April 20. This is an annual festival of the students in which the students can call host guests for one hour. However, Warden Upadhyay has refused to issue such a notice.

Students residing in the hostel criticizing this notice on social media, calling it a moral policing. At the same time, the Delhi Women’s Commission president, Swati Maliwal, criticized the prestigious institution for its patriarchal mindset. After the tragedy, the IIT administration came into action and withdrew the notice and said that the officials did not know about such a circular.

Dean of Student Welfare Affairs, IIT Delhi. Krishna says, “We do not issue any notice regarding how we should wear clothes normally. In fact, I did not even know about such a notice. “He said,” I have instructed my office to remove it immediately. We do not interfere in personal matters of students, students and students, and we do not even have a dress code. ‘


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