• Digital Collections at Stanford – Thousands of free ebooks provided by the Stanford University.
  • Free The Textbooks! – Thousands of ebooks, but you need registration to download them.
  • Project Gutenberg – Most popular website for free ebooks. Thousands of free and legal ebooks are available here.
  • 221B Baker Street – All of the Sherlock Holmes books available here for free.
  • eBooks@Adelaide – Hundreds of ebooks available for download. Website is created and updated by an Australian university.
  • Library Genesis – Advanced search engine for ebooks.
  • Short Stories Free – As the site’s name says it is a collection of short stories. No need  to download anything, the stories are readable on their site.
  • The Maywrite Library – Hundreds of ebooks mostly in the mystery genre.
  • Manybooks – 29,000 free ebooks available for download.
  • Smashwords – Ebooks from independent authors and publishers.


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