Here's what happened when Sunny Leone's father caught her obscene gestures!Sunny Leone is well known. You know that earlier she was working as a porn star. But she goodbye that industry and now joined Bollywood. Sunny is an inspiration for many girls who are working in the Porn industry. Sunny recently revealed some fun events related to her sex life during an interview.

Sunny’s heart was broken in childhood

She said her heart was broken once early in life. The reason was none other than her family. First, her family lived in Michigan, Which was later shifted to California. Sunny boyfriends lived in Michigan. Two were separated from each other when her family shifted to California. You will be surprised to know what Sunny Leoni also revealed about her sex life.

Here's what happened when Sunny Leone's father caught her obscene gestures!

Had sex for the first time at the age of 16:

Sunny said she had her first kiss at age 11 and at age 16, had first sex. Sunny added that once her father caught her in a compromising position. Actually Sunny had been sitting in her boyfriend’s lap in the corner of the hall. They were intimate but her father suddenly came in the hall and he saw both of them in an objectionable position. Subsequently, Sunny’s father scolded him.




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