Here are the memories of Justice Bhandari's childhood, know what the family saysJustice Dalveer Bhandari, who is elected for the second time in the International Court of Justice, is associated with Jodhpur. His ancestral house is in Jodhpur. On the achievement of Justice Bhandari, there is an atmosphere of celebration in his city. The happiness of his sister was worth seeing.

His nephew described the achievement as a matter of pride and said that it is a matter of great happiness for the family. They say that they eagerly wait for Bhandari. Whenever the time comes, Justice Bhandari comes to Jodhpur and also meets the family members. His childhood memories are attached to Jodhpur.

Significantly, Jodhpur’s Justice Dalveer Bhandari has been elected for the second time in the International Court of Justice, Hague. Christopher Greenwood, the rival British Justice, Justice Dalveer Bhandari withdrew his claim after the long election process. On which Justice Bhandari announced for the second time the election was announced. Justice Bhandari, the second Indian to reach the International Court of Justice Before this, Justice Nagendra Singh has been elected twice from this institution from India.

Being elected to the International Court of Justice of Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Jodhpur also has a wave of happiness. Bhandari’s sister staying in Jodhpur and her nephew expressed happiness at the election of Justice Bhandari. Bhandari’s nephew Priyans said that Justice Bhandari has not only glorified the country of Jodhpur but also the nation, it can not be a matter of great happiness for him.

Jodhpur-born Justice Dalveer Bhandari’s father was a senior advocate in the Rajasthan High Court. Bhandari also has ancestor house in the fifth road area of Jodhpur. However, no one lives in this house yet. But many relatives and friends reside in Jodhpur including Bhandari’s sister. In such a situation, whenever the Justice Bhandari comes out of time, he meets his relatives and friends at Jodhpur. He is deeply involved with Jodhpur since childhood. In such a situation, he does not live without meeting his childhood friends and relatives.


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