There are many characters in the history who do not bother to wear pants: the Donald Duck, the Whatsapp Black, the Red Man Without Pants and the people who from home make videoconferences by Skype.

Unfortunately for this political analyst in Jordan, his terrible secret was discovered by his son, who uploaded a small video of his father, being interviewed from the sofa without pants, and suspiciously without underwear.

The journalist’s name is Majid Asfour and was interviewed via Skype via the Al-Jazeera news channel , about the Israeli embassy shootings in Germany last month.


If we had seen the clip of the video on the television program Asfour, he seemed to be a serious man, aware of the subject, well dressed from head to toe; However, the video of his son proved that the driver won the rush and only managed to manage with the top of the wardrobe.

Then the video, which in a short time gone viral:

Asfour is a well-known journalist, he is former editor in the Jordanian newspaper Al Rai Arabic , a respectable person, who from this moment will be remembered as the gentleman who does not wear pants to go on TV.


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