This is a story about a guy who was studying at a school in Dehradun. He was staying at the hostel and staying in a hostel is a gateway to many hilarious incidents. So, just like that this story also started in a hostel. There were 8 bed in one dormitory and there were 8 student living in that dorm. Generally after school these 8 dorm mates used to chill together do stuff usually the guy things. But this Another Indian never took any interest in what was happening around him. He had the last bed in the row and he was always lying on his bed, back against the wall and knees folded with an AC quilt over him.
So, this other guy always thought it to be a little weird that he was always in the same position with his whole body including his hands inside the quilt. The thing which was more weird was that this Another Indian was always looking at others with a surprised look on his face, this troubled the other guy alot cause whenever he asked our Indian to join them he always refused them instantly.
This happened every evening continuously for a few months one day the other guy decided to find out that what was the reason behind this, so one evening when these guys were chilling and this Another Indian was again in his bed with his blanket on the other guy started moving towards the bathroom which was at the other side of the room. When he reached near our Indian’s bed he grabbed his quilt and pulled it off him.
This Another Indian was holding his dick in his hand and was jerking off in a room full of boys while he was looking at them. !
Another Indian with Another Story !
*all the posts in my blogs are inspired from real stories and accounts which I have came across till now.

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All the stories and Accounts that i have blogged about are real life events which I have came across till now.


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