Google has launched a new Earth Virtual Reality (VR) feature. This means the visualization app can take you to any address in the world. That is, you can now not only see the many famous places of the world sitting in the house, but you can also feel the presence there.

Google Earth Virtual will take you to any address in the world

Need to get this unique feeling VR 3D headset. The company claims that users have experience in 3D in this feature. This feature of Google Earth VR allows people to choose the destination of their choice.

It does not matter if the user knows the name of that place or not. The Google Earth VR Product Manager, Joana Kim, wrote in a blog post: “Places are special for the people, people want to find them quickly, they want to go there again, whether there is an old house of childhood or a favorite place to celebrate. ”

Kim said that users can visit the site by using an address or some place name and using the 3D headset. With Google Earth VR you can go to 27 selected places. These include Argentina’s Perito Moreno and South Africa’s Table Mountain.


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