Priest of this temple are awoken with the increasing number of underage teenagers marriages, now made the decision to check out Aadhaar cards of the couple getting married.

In the course of the wedding season, almost six marriages take place every single day and somewhere around 400 marriages in a year in Golu Devta Temple.

Priests at the Chitai Golu Devta temple discovered a special way to make sure to prevent underage marriages. The priests demand Aadhaar card of the couple prior to conducting the wedding.

There have already been instances of underage Nepalese girls who wish to get married. With many marriages being conducted every day, it turned difficult for the temple authorities to ensure if they were marrying adults. Many would be couples desiring to get married get to the temple as it’s considered auspicious

People of Kumaon consider the deity the god of justice.

However, Couple without having an Aadhar card can get married only in a condition if temple committee is familiar with one of the family members of the bride or groom and that they’ve completed minimum age requirements.


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