This is the first time in the country that when a High Court judge, has convicted seven judges including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court . The Calcutta High Court Judge CS Saranan issued summons against seven judges, including Chief Justice JS Khehar of the Supreme Court. He ordered them to appear in court.

First time a judge summons 7 judges including Chief Justice of Supreme Court

He has issues this judgments under the conviction of the SC-ST Act. In fact, he has done this action under self motto for harassment. Justice Karnan has fixed the date for pronouncing the sentence on 28th April.

However, the legality of the order issued by Justice Karanananda is not clear now because the Supreme Court has taken away the administrative and judicial powers of Justice Karanan.

These seven judges had issued an order of contempt of court against self-respect in February against Justice Karnan. This order of contempt against Justice Karanan was released in January after demanding an inquiry against 20 judges, calling them corrupt.

The Supreme Court had issued a bailable warrant against Justice Karanan, after which Justice Karan appeared before the apex court on March 31. The bench of the seven judges of the apex court asked Judge Karnan to give his reaction within four weeks on the order of contempt against him. Judge Karnan did however reject the reply of the apex court’s notice .
On Thursday, while issuing summons against seven judges of the apex court, Judge Karan said that in connection with the sentence awarded to seven honorable judges either personally or through their lawyers, on April 28, at 11.30 am on my sentence, Respond to the Rosedale residence in Kolkata, New Town, because my residence is now my temporary court.


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