Finland becomes the first country to cancel all school subjects.

Finland will become the first country to cancel all school subjects

The education system in Finland is considered one of the best in the world. In the ratings of the evaluation of education, It is among the ten most prestigious country. However, local authorities are not satisfied with what they have already accomplished and decided to make a real revolution in the school system.

Education system in Finland

Officials want to cancel all school subjects: now there will be no classes in physics, mathematics, literature, history and geography.

The head of the Department of Education Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, explains the changes this way: “There are schools that teach according to the old method, which worked in the early 1900s , however, the needs have changed and we must now create something that appropriates for the twenty – first century “.

Instead of separate subjects, students will study the events and phenomena in a multidisciplinary format. For example, World War II will be studied from history, geography, and mathematics. And in the course “Working in the cafeteria , ” students will receive complex knowledge of English, economics and communication skills.

This system applies to students in upper grades, from 16 years. According to the idea, the student will have to choose what subject or phenomenon to study according to their notions about its usefulness in life. In this way, teens will not have to complete courses of study physics or chemistry or become the eternal questions: “Why am I studying?” Or “Why do I need to know”?

It will also change the traditional format “student – teacher”… Students no longer sit at desks waiting impatiently when you have to expose something Instead, there will be work in small teams and explanation of problems

The Finnish education system fosters teamwork, therefore, changes in work also will touch them, teachers. school reform will require more interaction between teachers from different disciplines. About 70% of all teachers in Helsinki have already had the preparation to know expose the information in this way and receive pay raise.
the system is completely renewed 2020.


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