Historic Doppelganger

Museums are wonderful to provide you information, extend your capabilities, and assist the artistry, but one museum located in Quebec City made the decision to try something new. It is said that everyone has a few doppelgangers around the world, and the museum wants to match you with actual sculpture and find your ancient twin.

The Musée de la civilization began a project named “My 2000-Year-Old-Double” that will match people’s faces with their historical Egyptian or Greco-Roman statue doppelgängers. The display will evaluate modern photographs with 60 sculptures that are 2000 years old, actually from the selections of the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art and from the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève, and anyone can take part in the project.

According to Mental Floss, similar technology used in ATM security programs and emotion-reading apps will be utilized to make the matches in the project:

After making the matches and assessing the applicants, 30 sets will be chosen from the submissions and will be shown in the exhibition, running from October 24, 2018 to October 27, 2019, in Quebec City’s Musée de la civilization.

The photographer taking part in the project is François Brunelle, who is known to work with doubles. He will catch the pictures for the display and emphasize the pairs alongside to show the resemblances between the individual and the sculpture.

Anybody that wishes to take part in the project and receive their match is welcome to submit their pictures by using the museum’s website. Everybody reviewed will also be considered for the exhibit.

Even though you don’t get selected to show up in the exhibition, at least you’ll discover who your match is and know what statue you have most resemblances to, varying from wonderful gods to highly effective royalty, roman sportsmen or even a greek nymph. Who knows?



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