So many people like me (and you), have never fired a cracker in last Ten years, However, I don’t imagine that we are able to totally take away crackers from the custom of Diwali.

Firecrackers Diwali

There are actually numerous factors to say no to crackers like air pollution, sound pollution, and risky working circumstances in the firecracker sector, child labor and so on. But requesting 121 crores individuals to stop doing something they have been doing for so many years is unrealistic and not fair. You will not basically stop a tradition due to its adverse reactions, you deal with all the downsides and try to figure out solutions.

Firstly it is unrealistic to totally eliminate the usage of firecrackers, it doesn’t matter how many individuals say no to crackers, there may still be several other people who don’t. As a result, the issue remains where it was. And besides Diwali, firecrackers are also a very important part of Indian wedding parties. We can’t fully end the use of firecrackers.

So what we suggest is ,instead of passing the buck to the end users, we have to manage and regulate the firecracker industrial sectors. There must be laws and regulations made to safeguard the laborers of these industries, the industries should make sure the security of all of its workers by following safety norms. Every sector has the hazardous working condition, but rules and safety endeavors improve them. Also just shutting down these industries will result in large-scale unemployment because these individuals have already been working in firecracker industries all their life, and they’ll lose the only thing they know to perform.

As far as pollution is considered, we must certainly reduce the usage of crackers, also try out and enhance industry standards to produce better fire crackers which are less toxic to the atmosphere.

I know that doing all this is quite difficult, but it is actually still many times less difficult than expecting the whole country to simply stop using crackers.  

I also think people should be aware of the consequences of their actions.. it is not just for crackers… it also applies to cutting tress.. using/burning plastic etc.


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