The government has opened the way for cheaper air travel. Today, State Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha has launched regional connectivity scheme UDAN.

Government of India launched UDAAN scheme

The government has said that under the scheme, subsidized price is placed of Rs 2,500 per hour of Regional flight ticket.

The government’s objective is to bring the air connectivity in regional areas through UDAN.

It is believed that the first flight  will fly in January 2017 Under the scheme UDAN.

Highlights of the UDAN Scheme

  • The fare of Rs 2,500 is for the Flight of 500 km, for the fixed-wing aircraft . It will include all tax.
  • under the UDAN scheme, market pricing scheme will apply to 50 per cent seat.
  • Airlines can bid for a subsidy per seat for Regional Flight plans.
  • Government approved viability funding plan approved for airports.
  • The new categories will be created under UDAN Airlines



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