Sometimes the actresses have to make very strict diets to stay in shape and see themselves according to the roles they play. The charismatic Emma Stone had to make a change to move from the more flexible and slender figure in which we saw her in La La Land to her next film, Battle of the Sexes, where she becomes the iconic tennis player Billie Jean King.

Battle of the Sexes

For this, she had to exercise and eat to transform her body into that of a true athlete. Not only to see as he should, but also to ensure all the tennis she is going to have to play.

Her goal was to gain a lot more muscle mass, to look like a professional athlete. She gained 15 kilos, but of pure muscle.  

As explained in  Pop Sugar the truth is that because of her work, Emma already ate very healthily. That’s why her trainer decided that the best thing to add extra calories to her diet was through different shakes. As his coach, Jason Walsh, explained to Delish :

“Increasing training is great, but if you do not feed and you do not create the environment for the body to grow and respond well, you’re going to end up breaking it.”

Specifically, the protein shakes were a so-called Metabolic Drive, which they say tastes like milkshake and speeds up the metabolism. Walsh worried that they were not bad:

“They were high-calorie shakes, with protein that people know very, very well. You have to know well, otherwise, you will never drink them twice a day for three months. “

Another of the shakes she took was one inspired by the Ayurvedic diet; the supplement Hanah One, composed of turmeric and ashwagandha among others. His main function was to help Emma’s body recover after training.

And obviously, her shakes did not lack the spinach and almond milk to give a boost to his metabolism.

Finally, she took supplements of omega and other healthy fats. Walsh says that fats are very important when it comes to generating the hormones and cells needed to build muscles, he thinks:

“It’s very bad that people are so afraid of fats.”

All this of course accompanied by a lot of exercises, such as weightlifting in the morning, again to wake up the metabolism, and training 5 times a week, twice a day except for one day.

What do you think about her transformation?


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