Quora user Ketaki Murkumbi wrote an answer to the question What are some of the most adorable things that you have seen a couple doing? and we thought to share it please read:

I came across the most adorable couple a few weeks back.

Elderly couple selling painting

Since Diwali is approaching, we had an exhibition of few products in the cafeteria of our office. There were some 15 odd stalls. But only one caught my attention. There was this couple probably in their late 60’s, selling paintings and woolen clothes.

I went up to them to check the paintings. They were amazing. I asked the man for the price, he replied in sign language. I realized then that the couple was mute. I asked him if it was his art, his wife came forward and told me that all the paintings were done by him and he is an amazing painter. Her husband smiled. He told me his wife had weaved all the woolen sweaters that were next to his paintings. I just couldn’t stop smiling.

I asked them if I could take a picture of them. The old man agreed and asked me to get the woolen wear also in the frame. I purchased a few paintings and sat on a table close to them. I just kept observing them. The way they were taking care of each other. The way they were communicating n their smile, all these gestures won my heart and made my day.

It is amazing how some strangers can make u smile without even saying a word.

Reading their story a Quora user Aditya Anand wrote:

When you lose all faith in humanity then a simple smile from such person restore your faith back. They give you a reason to fight for the common person and keep on going despite several pitfalls! Their smile just made my day! 


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