The double standards of Indian society are noticeable every now an then

priyanka chopra salman khan

Recently in an interview, Dashing actress Priyanka Chopra made the remark “ I don’t need a man except to reproduce” – No media headline criticizing the statement. Or asking for apology. Here is the link for news – Priyanka Chopra says she doesn’t need a man for anything other than to reproduce | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Now imagine these words were of a man

Media headline and women right activists. – “Apologize” “Women are objectified” “Such a shame”

Recent case of Salman Khan using “Raped women” in the context is big example. Everyone is behind him.

India uproar over Salman Khan ‘raped woman’ comment

The issue is not about who said what. Issue is which one to debate and which one to dump. We should in fact work for improvement rather than heading and searching for statements. They are certainly not value your time.


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