We don’t know what will be the attitude of US President-Elect Donald Trump’s towards China in future but currently He indicated to adopt a strict policy against China.

China’s state media has responded so hard to Trump’s attitude. Trump spoke directly to the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen. This move was reversed to the  US policy established in 1979. Then President Jimmy Carter signed an agreement with China that the US will not have formal relationships with Taiwan because China considers Taiwan as its own part.

Trump’s move is a setback to China. In addition to that Trump also raised the question via Twitter on China’s trade and military policies. The Ernest said: “It is not clear how this diplomatic effort, I will leave it to explain it.

Well, yet  Trump’s adviser failed to properly understand the motivations behind the move.

It’s clear that they have not been able to understand that talking to the leader of Taiwan is a step towards any new policy or just a courtesy.



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