Doklam controversy awaiting winterWarning, threats and backstage conversations India and China have been deeply involved in the Doklam dispute. The media of both countries have put so much ‘ghee’ in the fire that the top leadership is under pressure.

From June 16, 2017, the army of India and China are face to face. China is telling India that it will withdraw its forces from the Dokalm area, which has been dispute with China and Bhutan. At the same time, India says that it will fall even if the Chinese army is going down. The controversy, which has been a continuation of almost two months, has now become a question of prestige for both the countries.

The media on both sides has printed and published extremely high news. Now the leaders of both countries are under pressure to find a peaceful solution to the dispute and save self-esteem. Clearly, this is not easy.

The media’s wobbling is spreading warheads. An Indian news channel special program in July. Anchor admits, “If a small country demands help from India, should not it help?” Small, she meant Bhutan. The language of many other news channels is similar.

This is exactly the same Chinese media. Global Times is saying the day that just a lot happened, now India should be taught a lesson. The war of 1962 is being reminded. Media psychoanalyst is waging war.

Between such circumstances, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping should be praised. Both have shown patience till now. Both leaders know that if any bullet shot from any side, the dispute will be uncontrollable. Both countries have nuclear bombs. The world’s largest military forces.

China is under much pressure on the Doklam dispute. Another strong army in front of the Chinese army. At stake is not just Dokalam’s land, but also the economic development of billions of dollars. This economic development has helped China become so powerful. The first injury to the armed struggle will be on this.

Between these aspects, both the countries know that even while maintaining the status quo, the Doklam controversy will get cold like ice. From November onwards, the situation will become snowy in the high-rise region of Himalayas and the forces in front of them will have to return. But how to reach peace in November, this question remains.


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