Dr Shankare Gowda

We look at this common man Dr. Shankre Gowda from Mandya as among the great Indian.

what makes him great?. Here it is.

Dr. Shankare Gowda who is from Shivanahalli taluk, Mandya (Karnataka) who is very popular around Mandya as ‘Rs 5 doctor’ treats all types of skin illnesses with nearly 100% success rate for only Rs 5.

He treats poor patients at his village in the morning and at his clinic in Mandya in the afternoon.

Although he charge Rs 5 in Mandya, he treats patients free in his village.

Patients from distant locations come to visit Dr. Gowda, not just because he charges only Rs 5 but for his good treatment and recommends medicines that are not too costly.

This service not only made him popular in and around Mandya but have earned him a lot of respect.

There are a lot of people in this country who cannot afford to pay consulting charges & medicine & this service that he is doing have helped a lot of those poor people.


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