Diwali is a festival of light but for Delhi its complete darkness under the pollution. People need to cover themselves. Even kids and the elderly have to be packed away from this pollution. Meanwhile, experts have predicted a more lung-stifling Diwali for the city.

Delhi Air Pollution

The capital’s air quality has already reached dangerous levels, breaching the hazardous “red zone“ on Sunday for the first time this season. On Sunday, Delhi’s air quality index, separately calculated by CPCB and CAFAR, showed a common reading of 318. AQI measuring more than 300 is considered ‘very poor’ which in turn is likely to worsen during winters.

The alarming levels of air pollution can be attributed to one more factor. Just ahead of Diwali, farmers across north India start burning stubble to clear land for cultivation. The sudden dip in the temperature and heavy pre- Diwali traffic aren’t helping the cause either.

This is no good news for Delhiites this Diwali season can be an unhealthy one, with such level of air pollution before Diwali, one can just imagine the levels it can go on and after Diwali.

All The Best Delhi, may you have the strength and strong lungs to survive this pollution attack.


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