It’s the first preview we have of the sequel to The Force Awakens. The film will premiere worldwide on December 15.

A behind-the-scenes Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released on Saturday at the Disney D23 exhibition in the city of Anaheim, California. The video of almost three minutes, shows the creative process behind the eighth installment of the intergalactic saga.

The recording was presented by the director, Rian Johnson who explains the conception of the scenarios and creatures that are part of the new tape. This behind the scenes is part of the promotional campaign that Disney has started in the face of the world premiere of the film, on December 15.

The last film in the saga “The Force Awakens”, was released in 2015 and is sequel to “The Return of the Jedi” of 1983. However, Disney premiered in 2016 “Rogue One”, which is part of the expanded universe of franchise.

Expected return. In the behind the scenes the actors Mark Hammill (Luke Skywalker), Daisy Ridley (King), Adam Driver (Ben Solo / Kylo Ren), John Boyega (Finn) and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) appear during the filming and Explaining what to expect from the tape. One of the most acclaimed moments by those attending the event was the appearance in the video of Carrie Fischer, who plays Princess Leia and who died in December 2016 of a cardiac arrest.

While the behind-the-scenes footage featured several scenes from the film, details of the plot of this new installment have yet to be revealed as happened with The Force Awakens . However, Disney could reveal the first trailer for The Last Jedi in the coming weeks.


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