There is practically nothing more interesting than the news of a new animated film, specifically when it’s originating from Disney and Pixar. From Toy Story to Finding Nemo, Pixar films happen to be satisfying people for more than 30 years, creating the films a pleasurable, distributed experience for kids and their parents who were raised watching them. The newest film introduced by both companies, Coco, will do simply that — just one look at Disney-Pixar’s Coco trailer reveals that the film will certainly be filled with culture and wonderful visuals that both parents and children will enjoy.

The first formal trailer for the film appears at two minutes long and only clues at a feasible storyline — but from the few scenes presented, it appears to be to be the start of one epic experience. The film is much more than your common Disney-Pixar adventure film — like Cars or Finding Dory; Based on Entertainment Weekly, the film is “set against the backdrop of a musical journey” as well.

Coco is a significant stepping stone for a different reason: It features an all-Latino voiced cast and the film’s story and backstory is centered in Latin culture. Centered on first impacts, thanks to the film’s 1st trailer, Coco seems to be a wonderful, vibrant look into an oft-overlooked lifestyle and a young boy’s origins.

For now, the film’s trailer will need to be sufficient to please excited fans, as the full movie won’t be out in theaters until Nov. 22.


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