There is a dark episode in Wintergreen (SPOILERS ALERT).

The warm reunion between Arya and Sansa Stark is already fading from our memory. A few chapters ago, the sisters finally embraced after years of separation that were miserable for both in different ways and it seemed that this had made them mature to leave aside the differences that used to face them when they were small. But no, apparently, all that illusion went into the trash.

game of thrones

After Arya found the letter Sansa wrote to Robb to swear allegiance to Joffrey, under the pressure of Cersei, the youngest Stark is outraged. In the last episode, she confronts Sansa, who feels that Arya has no empathy towards her considering the harsh situation she had to face, which culminated in a bustling discussion between them. While Sansa discovers the faces used to kill Arya, the latter used this as a threat, to make him understand that over the years has become a professional killer. 

game of thrones

And for the worse, the director of this episode, “Beyond the Wall,” Alan Taylor, hinted at the dark fate awaiting the Stark sisters. In an interview with  Huffington Post,  explained the significance of this tough discussion.

I love the fact that they have returned, both lethal, and I wanted to give the impression, as far as possible, that one of them is going to die. But we do not know whom.


That’s right, the director confirmed without a hitch that one of the Stark sisters will die. We give them a moment to breathe deeply.

“Something will happen very soon between them and it will be violent, but surprising .”

Let’s prepare for Sunday anyway, because it seems that Wintergreen will dress in mourning.



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