Jayalalitha dead

The deceased Chief Minister Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa was buried on Tuesday. Amidst all that is important, his body was buried instead of cremated. Let me tell you that she was a Brahmin Iyengar. So, it took many speculations. We are telling you about such speculation:

However, at first, it was not clear that she would be cremated or buried.

  1. Maybe due to the participation the Dravidian movement. She was attached to the Dravidian Movement. The original purpose of this movement was to oppose Brahminical traditions. That is why most of the Dravidian movement leaders do not use the title with their name.
  2. Her political guru MJR was also buried. As per the second speculation, she was buried to her political mentor MG Ramachandran.
  3. As per the thinking of their leaders to do not represent the religion or race it as happened before in AIADMK.
  4. Dravid’s moment leader DMK  Annadurai was also buried. Annadurai was the first Chief Dravid Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu . Earlier MGR was also in the DMK, but later were separated.
  5. According to media reports, she did not have any relative. According to Hinduism, the last rites of the deceased should be performed by the blood relations.
  6. Mostly son, brother, father or brother performed last rites. Jaya had none of these.
  7. Jaya never married, and several years ago she had broken the relationship with his brother . His niece was the only involved in her funeral.


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