Well everyone of us is busy in exchanging the notes and there is a village in Gujarat called Akodara village !

Akodara village
Customer Manilal Prajapati pays shop owner Pankhi Patel via SMS in Akodara, Gujarat. Akodara is India’s first ‘digital village’ where families fall back on e-banking for everything. (Siddharaj Solanki/HT Photo)

A cable operator in the village ,90 km from Ahmadabad , on Friday bought wheat flour and a packet of potato chips for Rs. 200 from the grocer with just few clicks on his mobile !

While tremors of the Center’s demonetization move resulting in acute sarcity of cash are felt across the country , Akodara is an oasis of calm. It is India’s first digital village where all families (population of 1200) fall back on e – banking for everything — from biscuits to milk to mobile phones !!

Unlike the other bank branches , there is no rush here. Its business as usual for us , says bank manager Pratik Panchal.

This village was adopted by ICICI bank as a part of digital India campaign . It has transformed the village into one with few parallels !!



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