People living outside India have misconceptions about India. I know it sounds strange but its true. India is unique in its own way. No-one can understand the diversity of India until he/she has personally visited India.

Indian sadhu phtography

1. Everyone living in India is a Hindu!

NO! People worship different deities but all religions are EQUAL.

2. All Indians are vegetarians and they just stand non-vegetarian food.

Well, Indians just love every food

3. All Indians are proficient at Yoga.

Lazy people exist everywhere and so in India.

4. Hindi is the mother tongue of all Indians.

India has more than 20 officially recognized languages.

5. Namaste is the only greeting style in India.

It’s traditional Indian way but Indians don’t mind handshake or greeting hug!

6. They don’t know how to poop!

Indian toilet seat is actually hygienic. *Scientifically proven*

7. India is 3rd world country and poverty prevails everywhere.

India is developing way very fast than many other countries of the world.

8. Everyone worships Cow in India.

The cow is considered holy as it is way more than just an animal.

9. All Indians are born Mathematician.

Like really? Not everyone loves Maths!

10. Foreigners will be followed a day in and out by people trying to sell them products.

It is not so. Foreigners do visit famous markets for shopping and not vice-versa.

11 . Cricket is the only sports Indians love.

India has a long list of sports and they are played and loved as well.

12. Indians didn’t know about urban lifestyles until British took over them.

Indus valley civilization was first of its kind to use mud bricks for the construction of houses.

Source: Quora


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