A couple ended up being stripped as well as paraded naked in the Kanore village of Rajasthan for run away secretly in order to get married. Though the boy has been rescued by his family members through the grip of the villagers in exchange of Rs 80,000; the girl’s family was unable to rescue her and found themselves as captives by the villagers.

Couple had been stripped and paraded naked in Rajasthan

Many people are jealous of lovers, self appointed moral police, upholders of honor of the family and love meddling in other’s affairs. Indian film industry doles out thousands and thousands of love stories and the television serials are replete with love stories only. All watch them and even have sympathy for the on screen lovers but when it comes to someone falling in love in their own village, they play the villain’s role. This has been going on for decades.

In our country this is taking place in the year 2016 of 21st century. Government is trying to modernize our country by installing all kinds of technologically advanced machines/equipements in order to match the levels of European and American countries but at the root level this is happening. A country develops when the citizens develop and we are way behind in that as evident by the video.

Sorry It is against the moral of Another Indian to share that insane videos with our reader. NEWS is ENOUGH?


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