(The Man Who Walked For 10 Kilometers carrying his wife’s dead body).


Dana Majhi, a middle-aged , poor tribal man from Odisha , who came into limelight after a footage of his , in which he could be seen walking , carrying his wife’s dead body over his shoulders became viral in no time through social media and TV channels.

He is deeply pained and grieved at the tragic demise of his beloved and also due to the aftermath of it. But life has taken yet another turnaround for him, and this time a favorable one.


Financial assistance from a good number of sources is showering for the poor man, who very innocently confesses to the media , that he doesn’t know what a lakh rupees mean. Surprisingly enough, the Prime Minister of Bahrain, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa has granted a handsome amount of Rs 8.87 lakhs to the poor tribal, after he came to know about his story.

And the story doesn’t end here , The Kalinga’s Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) has guaranteed free education to Majhi’s three daughters at its residential school there .

Majhi told the reporters that he would be depositing all the money he is receiving in the bank for the future aid of his daughters .


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