Prime Minister Narendra ModiA major international conference on cyberspace began in Delhi today, in which India will put its thinking on ‘cyber diplomacy’ in front of the world and underline the need and importance of inclusive cyber. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this two-day conference. Modi also launched Umang Mobile App on this occasion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the inaugural program that digital technology has played a large role in improving governance and service delivery. PM said that technology has broken all bounds. The Indian concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam has strengthened. The PM said that Jan Dhan bank accounts, Aadhar platforms, and mobile phones have proved to be very helpful in reducing corruption and bringing transparency.

Earlier today’ss morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted that he will address the fifth global conference going in Delhi on cyberspace in the morning at 10 a.m. The PM said that all participants in this conference will discuss various aspects related to World Technology.

In a two-day conference, Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal to Tariq Kamal, veteran policymakers, industrialists, experts, and innovators will participate. During this time 20 philosophies will also be installed on topics related to this subject. Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told about this conference that the Global Conference on Grounding Cyber Space (GCCS) in New Delhi will participate in IT / Cyber Space Minister of 33 countries including France, Russia, Japan, Israel, and England. A total of 700 delegates, including 700 overseas, are likely to participate in the conference.


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