ex-judge Markandey Katju

In a highly intense court session between  a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India led by Justice Ranjan Gogoi and former apex court judge Markandey Katju. This scene heated up when escorts were summoned to take Justice Katju out of court after a heated argument between him Justice Gogoi.

Katju was asked to appear before the Supreme Court in the Soumya Rape case. He had written a blog criticizing the judgment in the Soumya rape and death case and calling it “grave miscarriage of justice”.

The argument began when Katju told the bench that he has been provoked and does not appreciate the snide or sarcastic remarks made at him. “Don’t try to be funny with me,” a furious Katju told the Supreme Court bench.”Judges of the Supreme Court must know how to behave, this is not the way that Supreme Court judge behaves,” retorted Katju. Lawyers present in the court hooted against the order when security personnel were being asked to escort Katju out of court.

Katju and Rohatgi argued against the judgment delivered in the Soumya rape case for over an hour. The Supreme Court bench had asked Justice Katju to come and argue as to why he thought that the judgment was flawed.

As Justice Katju stepped out of the courtroom packed with lawyers and journalists, he merely said that he was not scared and will respond. Some lawyers hooted in the court against the notice being served.


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