Hardik Patel Congress Deal before Gujarat ElectionPatidar Anamat Andolan Committee (PASS) leader Hardik Patel told reporters in Ahmedabad on Wednesday (November 22) that there has been an agreement on the formula for giving reservation to Patidar Samaj between his organization and Congress.

Patel said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been in power for more than two decades and it is necessary to fight against it. Patel told reporters that he has not done any deal with the Congress regarding the ticket distribution in the Assembly elections. Along with this, accusing BJP, he said that They are trying to buy our candidates.  They have spent 200 crores and has fielded independent candidates. There is no fight against BJP but it is necessary to fight against it. Speaking about the conflict in PAAS, he said that there is no such thing as controversy in his organization.

The assembly elections are held next month in Gujarat. In Gujarat, voting is going to be held for the assembly elections on December 9 and December 14. Election results will come on December 18. There are 182 assembly seats in the state. To form a government, it will be necessary to win the election on 92 seats. The BJP has been in power for more than two decades in the state. In the 2012 assembly elections, BJP got 116 seats.


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