China is ready to go back from Doklam, India pushing back even more

On the ongoing dispute between India and China, the Chinese media is putting ‘ghee on fire’, but India is seeing a diplomatic victory over ground zero. According to a media report, the Chinese army has agreed to withdraw 100 meters from the disputed site at Dokalm. While India still remains tight on removing it after 250 meters.

Following the military deadlock since last seven weeks, there have been signs of change in the field reality of the village. Here the Chinese army has now agreed to go back 100 meters. According to the media report, the Chinese army has agreed to this only after the Indian army’s say.

On behalf of China, the condition of withdrawing 100 meters on the condition that the Indian army should also be returned to the former position. Behind this dialogue and agreement, there is a sense of respectful farewell from both countries from Dokalm area. This step by the People’s Liberation Army of China can be seen as an initiative to solve the problem peacefully by both countries.

At the same time, the Chinese newspaper has claimed that Indian Army is emptying the villages of the border areas of northern Sikkim. As a proof, he also posted a picture. However, the Indian Army has denied any such thing.

Significantly, Indian soldiers had stopped the Chinese troops from performing construction work in the Dokalm area. After that, there is a tension between the two countries in the last 50 days. While India is talking about resolving this issue diplomatically, China is constantly threatening India.


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