An Indian boy of 12 years in New Delhi kidnapped six years ago and exploited as domestic slaves in Bangladesh, Thursday returned with his family to India.

sushma swaraj

Sonu, his only name, arrived at the airport in New Delhi, under the protection of security guards and representatives of the administration, from the hand of her father while her mother hugged him from behind.

“I found my son and I am very happy. I would like to thank Sushma Swaraj (Foreign Minister),” said Mehboob, father of the child.

The authorities have not disclosed details about his years of captivity. According to local media, Sonu was kidnapped by a tenant who lived in the house of his parents in Delhi in 2010, and then sent to Bangladesh.

The child was released thanks to a mechanic from Bangladesh, said an Indian newspaper. Sonu told him that the trafficker exploited him as a servant in his house in Jessore in the southwest of the country. The mechanic reported to the authorities.

The child was immediately taken to a children’s center, where he remained while Bangladesh and India organized their repatriation.

Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday that the child’s DNA matched that of his mother.


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