The CBI has demanded life imprisonment for underworld don Abu Salem, convicted in the 1993 bomb blast case. Last month, the TADA court convicted Abu Salem in the case. Since then, speculations were being made that the CBI can demand the death penalty for Abu Salem. CBI on the basis of extradition treaty demanded in the court that Abu Salem should be given life imprisonment.

CBI lawyer surprised everyone, said: Abu Salem should not be hanged, but life imprisonment

Abu Salem was brought to India via extradition from Portugal in 2005. According to the extradition treaty, it can be punished for a maximum of 25 years. During the hearing on the conviction of convicted people on Tuesday, the prosecutor in the court said that Abu Salem should be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Several months before the conviction, 48-year-old Abu Salem had filed a petition in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) demanding his return to Portugal. He has declared both his presence and trial in India illegal.



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