Martyred BSF jawan Nitin Yadav
Martyred BSF jawan Nitin Yadav who engaged 4 terrorists and prevented their entry into camp and causing further casualties.

Nitin was only 24,he saved 300 fellow BSF jawans ,fought for 2 hours, but didn’t let these Paki Terrorists enter our HOLY LAND.

He kept fighting despite being injured by the grenade, bullets hits on his thigh, abdomen and other areas of the body. Bravely defended the corps and prevented another URI. The aftermath of this attack would be worse than URI if he was not there at that time.

Heroic True Story of the Braveheart Martyred BSF Jawan Nitin Yadav which will inspire generations about the bravery of our forces.

It was 2nd October, a holiday for Indians. From Safaigiri to Gandhigiri…everything was over,all pops and show were almost covered with the darkness of night. It was Army Camp, Baramulla 10:20 pm
Two armed BSF guards were looking around from a bunker. They heard some noise from the side of river Jhelum. They shouted,”who is there.” No reply, Again….No reply….Nitin Yadav,a 24-year-old Jawan who had just completed his graduation came out and fired few shots in the direction. This valour was extraordinary. They hurled a grenade at him, his groin was injured but he had already engulfed two of them. He didn’t stop and fight with them for two hours and later was martyred.

Our heartful salute to this hero and his heroic contribution, May God bless him and give enough strength to his family, we will always Love You Respect You this LIFE or next you are always a Hero … Real Hero.


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