This time the election is going to be really fun. Following a decision of the Election Commission the election symbol and the Samajwadi Party has passed into the hands of Akhilesh. On the other hand the SP’s alliance with Congress or say that this time to stop the the BJP in UP agreement made by the Congress to keep its existence have changed politics of the state.

But above all, the BJP which seems remains rock steady in its strategy to stark contrast to the last state elections to gain power. Amit Shah has created such a strategy in forthcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and other states in which opponents will fall.

 UP Divided into 6 areas, eye on UP’s biggest vote bank:

The Prime Minister made the master plan that will blow opponents senses

Modi and Amit Shah, under its master plan UP is divided into 6 areas ; Western, Braj, Kanpur, Awadh, Gorakhpur and Kashi. The party’s motive behind this is to pickup most seats in at least three areas. A total of 204 assembly seats in Western, Awadh, Gorakhpur and Varanasi. While the total number of seats in the state is 403. Unlike other parties, the BJP’s targeting biggest vote bank of about half the voters. BJP’s eye, is at 50 percent of the vote.  whose division is 10 per cent Brahmin vote, 33 per cent of the non-Yadav OBC votes And 7 is non-Jatav vote.

Modi’s popularity in East (Poorvanchal), Development and law and order, are the big issues :

The Prime Minister made the master plan that will blow opponents senses

keeping the popularity of Modi in Gorakhpur and Kashi development issue will be redeemed. Modi is MP from Varanasi. The two areas total 130 Assembly seats. While due the impact of Adityanath in Gorakhpur BJP is always strong in this area. Furthermore, BJP is is contesting with  key issues like the poor condition of law and order in the state and false claims to the development of the SP. The BJP’s chalked out a strategy according to different regions. Kairana in Western UP where the voters on issues like migration and Muzaffarnagar riots will be tempted. In the eastern part of the state, will promote the development of related image of the Prime Minister.



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