Patna’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (IGIMS) has questioned its employees with a very uncomfortable question in the manifesto. In the declaration given to fill the staff in the medical college, personal and objectionable questions have been asked from virginity to number of wives regarding marital status.

Employees are being asked in their marital status if they are Virgin / Bachelor / Widow. The number of wives in this form has also been asked. Similarly, many objectionable options have been given in the manifesto, one of which is – ‘I am married and I have only one living wife.’ At the same time, women employees have given the option of ‘I am married and besides me, my husband has no other living wife’ in the manifesto. Another option in this form is ‘I am married and I have more than one wife / I am married to a man whose wife is alive besides me’ has been given to choose.

Employees are surprised at such questions asked in the Marital Status column in the form.


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