These days the news of the ban on the National Highway across the country is being discussed. In such a situation, news of getting out of beer from a tree in Delhi is drawing the attention of everyone. There is a neem tree in the North Campus of Delhi University, which has been getting a fluid-like fluid for the past few days. Students are competing to drink this fluid in between. Students have also put a bucket on Neem tree to collect this fluid. According to the media head of the university, Mahesh Prasad, this fluid is coming out from Neem tree for the last one year. After this spreading in the surrounding area, people from outside are also coming to take this beer.

It is a matter of curiosity to get a beer-like fluid from a neem tree of Delhi University.

VC of Yogesh Tyagi of Delhi University has banned the movement of outsiders and media workers near this neem tree.

Students say that the neem tree has been getting fluid from the last one year. In November last year, when a person drank this liquid, it was experienced in the drug addiction. After these people called it neem beer and started drinking it. The people associated with the University say that this neem tree produces one to three liters of beer per day. Today, it is this that whoever hears about it is expressing the desire to taste it once. However, what is the fluid coming out of the Neem tree, why it is getting intoxicants is the topic of investigation, but these days the talk of free beer is happening everywhere.

It is known that people also use juice from palm and date trees for addiction. In Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh it is called Tadhi. In many parts of Uttar Pradesh, jagur juice is also made from dates.


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