Karnataka is becoming a barrier to getting the patent of Kolhapuri slippers by Maharashtra, or it can be said that the Maharashtra blockade is going on in Karnataka’s path. The case is actually that both Maharashtra and Karnataka were trying to get the patent of Kolhapuri slippers. In order to resolve the dispute of GI (Geographical Indication), both the State Governments filed a joint proposal for the patent. For this reason, the city of Kolhapur did not get a patent for this sandal brand nor got a GI.

Battle of 'Patent' on Kolhapuri slippers between Maharashtra and Karnataka

Finally, the Maharashtra government decided to send the proposal separately. However, their joint proposal has not been canceled till now and for the last 5 years only it is being discussed. Without the patent of the counterfeit Kolhapuri slippers, the market is flourishing day by day. Even MP Dhananjay Mahadik raised the issue of granting patents to Kolhapuri slippers and setting up a design and development institute for local craftsmen, but the problem of the patent has so far been confused with government files.

Nearly 3,000 of Kolhapur city and about 20,000 families of Kolhapur district are dependent on the business of making Kolhapuri slippers. For the past 20 years, Kolhapuri people have been trying to get a patent for this durable sandal. Kolhapuri slippers are exported to 8 countries of the world.

These slippers are made near Kolhapur in many villages including Nipani and Belgaum, which are on the border of Karnataka. The units of the Kolhapuri slippers in Karnataka’s Senapati, Kapshi, Madigel and Lingnur areas are engaged. Due to this, Karnataka also claimed that he would also file a proposal for the patent of Kolhapuri slippers.

The decision to send fresh proposal to Maharashtra by canceling the old joint proposal was taken in a meeting in Mumbai. The meeting was chaired by Congress leader and former minister Satej Patil. Since the joint project of Maharashtra and Karnataka had not been canceled since 2012, the new proposal of Maharashtra was rejected by the patent office.


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