Barack Obama will soon leave the White House. He is one of the few presidents who has generated so much nostalgia.

Barack Obama

Who does not regret Barack Obama? Who will not feel melancholy to see him and his family to leave the White House? As this American girl crying in a video released by his mother, totally devastated by the impending departure of its president, we are increasingly likely to feel that longing as we approach the last day of Barack Obama in Office oval. A few days to pack his love never ends odds to reach historic highs : US President collects 52% to 55% approval rating , a score worthy of a mandate to start.

And to see the play of his charisma to support Hillary Clinton in this latest run-up to the elections of November 8 , we begin to imagine stay a little longer … If only we could make it last until the curtain closes permanently! Even conservative columnist “New York Times’ David Brooks, has signed one of the most heartfelt declarations of love, confessing: ” Barack Obama will miss it. ” The historian and political scientist United States, Nicole Bacharan , admits :

“In contrast with what happens this year, it is true that its elegance, class, his restraint, his sense of proportion we already missing.”

We will not lie: the sense of nostalgia that borders on delirium against Barack Obama is proportional to the disgust aroused by the baseness of the country in recent months . But it is also linked to many other factors worn by Obama.

First black President

We can not evoke nostalgia not to mention Obama Obamania that accompanied his election in 2008. At the time, Barack Obama embodies the American dream. With tinted slogan of hope “Yes We Can” that the young Democratic senator from Illinois launches his campaign to become the first black US president to the world power.


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