In the capital, the police has exposed a gang and revealed that the bank account of one crore people has been leaked. Sensitive information such as credit and debit card details and Facebook-Whatsapp data of people have been reported selling from 10 to 20 paise per customer. 2 people, including the mastermind of the gang, have been arrested.

Bank account data of one crore people has been leaked

According to a news agency, the DCP (South-East) Rumi Baniya said on Friday, “This case was examined while examining the case of an elderly woman (80) who lived in Greater Kailash, Delhi. After which the police exposed the gang running with the collusion of Bank Officials.

People involved in the gang used to get information from bank and sell them to the call centers. The gang stolen 1.46 lakh rupees from the credit card of an old woman. “

According to the police, it was revealed in the inquiry that information about the bank accounts of people, credit-debit card was being sold. These included information like people’s card numbers, their names, date of birth and mobile numbers.

In the interrogation of the gang-master, he told that he used to take 10 to 20 thousand rupees to sell the data of 50 thousand people. Gang often used to sell data in bulk. Bank accounts, credit card and debit card details, Facebook and Whatsapp data were sold for 10 to 20 paise per customer.

The people of the gang used to call people by stating themselves as bank or any company’s official, and told them to confirm suspicious transactions.

The police arrested Puran Gupta and Anand Mohan, resident of Pandav Nagar. The mastermind of the gang is Purna. Many people are still being questioned. In this case, the search of a supplier of Mumbai is also on, whom Puran once purchased the data.



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