No matter how far you are from your beloved, the physical distance doesn’t make your love any less stronger.

It is said that short absence quickens love. Instead of ruing over the fact that you are staying apart, bring some magic to your relationship by sending this love letter to your beloved.


To Someone Special,

Even though we are miles apart, distance cannot make the hearts apart. I smile each time I think of you. Even though you are away from me, your love always makes me feel that you are beside me. I have loved you since the moment I laid my eyes on you and when we finally came together as one, I knew that I had found the one person whom I would like to spend an eternity with. I hate to spend my days without you, it’s something that makes me enormously sad.

I can’t see you right now but I can picture how you are. I see your hair and the way it falls on your shoulders, the way you smile and how you look right before you laugh. I want to be next to you right now. I don’t want you to hold anything back. I can feel you close to me even though you’re far away. My life is beautiful because of you my love my lady love. You entered into my life as a candlelight in the dark.

You are the best, the sweetest, the most genuine, and the most loving person. I not only love you, but I respect you and have all my admiration in store for you. I do not know how to thank God, but all I know is to love you now and forever and always hold you close to my heart. I would have been lost without you. You complete me and thank you for embracing me with your love.

I Love You..

I hope this would help you part your love and would make your better half feel special no matter how far you are.


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