British artist Aravis Dolmenna believes in his passion. This artist uses spilt liquids like milk, water, juice and even egg yolk to create art. And the outcomes are over and above stunning. Some milk spilt on a dark table turns into a zebra, add some bubbles to it and it will become a majestic sea horse. But the elegance of Ms Dolmenna’s art expands to utilizing unique, daily things and changing them into works of art. So, organized heaps of loose transform become a cityscape, loads of white buttons turn out to be a herd of sheep and salad greens convert into haute couture.

“I started developing my new artistic style when my son introduced me to Instagram three years ago,” writes the artist on Bored Panda.

“I look at ordinary objects I have around the house from a different angle,” she tells Instagram. “As children we make art all the time. We are uninhibited about whether it is good enough,” she says. That is why Ms Dolmenna avoids using filters or editing apps in her pictures. “I like to keep the images simple, usually with plain backgrounds and only natural light.”

Obviously, there’s practically nothing easy or simple about developing art like this. “Liquid pictures have to be done quickly or they lose their shape, no more than 10 minutes,” she points out. “You do have to work quite quickly with these liquid pictures as they “spread” after a few minutes.”

Ms Dolmenna’s art motivates people to glimpse at common objects from rare perspectives.


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