Culturally, we Indians have been brought up in an environment of honesty. “Satyameva Jayate”, we say and this also happens to be our National Motto. Honesty cannot be taught unless the person has it in him/her to be honest. The true test of honesty is when no one is looking and you have all means but you still refuse to be corrupt.

Arpit Maheshwari ‘Another Indian’ who chose to be ‘Honest’ instead of corrupt.
One such person is Mr Arpit Maheshwari, who is a service advisor at Ford Motors. On 20th September a person gave his car for service to Mr Maheshwari. He was in a real hurry and forgot Rs 40000 inside his car. After he left Arpit found the money.According to the motor service rules the car owner needs to sign an agreement which states that the owner has checked his vehicle properly and has not left anything in it. Sitll if he forgets anything and a worker takes it, the car owner has no right to claim it back. But Mr Maheshwari did not forgot his morals or ethical values, he called up the owner, told him about Rs 40000 he forgot in his car and returned them to him.
A person has many policies in his life but truly ‘Honesty is the best policy’. We are proud of Mr. Arpit Maheshwari and we hope his heroic deed motivates others.
Arpit Maheshwari is ‘Another Indian’ who chose to be ‘Honest’ instead of corrupt.

From the input VIA Facebook user, Pic credit to Rajeev Awasthi Lotwara


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