Respected Politicians,

If you don’t want to loose the trust of public, then don’t be a mime spectator to the heinous incidents like Bulandshahar Gangrape anymore.

Common people are totally depressed and deeply saddened over such repetitive shameful incidents and We’re even more aggrieved with the discerning outrage of a part of political rivalry over such incidents.

Your activeness during the TV debates and your noticeable silence while taking strong actions is causing us to be more angry and perturbed. Don’t look active only on TV debates and please don’t be invisible and unseen at the time of their crisis. Please stop giving the senseless statement, Be a roaring voice of public silent pain. Be with them.

Do what others do when something wrong happens in your turf or under your control. People have high expectations and excessive trust on you.

Don’t lose our priceless trust. Fight for our cause and remain visible while doing so.

We really feel pained on your losses. Be victorious always !!

Another Indian


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