There is barely anything which does not involve trucks in them, for transportation , be it food items , clothes , machinery , everything in this world needs trucks and truck drivers.

We ignore this fact that truck drivers are one of the most important parts of a countries economy. If they go on strike the whole nations will stand still. They run overloaded trucks for the reason that their owners want them to do so that owners can make more and more income. They usually get looted also because they carry cash for fuel, taxes, repairs and all.

It is really difficult to explain what they experience that too without protesting and complaining.

Truck drivers life India

Most of the time Truck drivers in India are the most hated person when it comes to their work.

  • Sometimes The police beat the hell out of them.
  • Public beat them abuses them for being slow and on top of that even if the driver is innocent even though he is the one who will be bashed.

public beating truck drivers

  • Owners also make them work day and night just to deliver more and more cargo to earn money.

Overloaded Trucks India

  • It is challenging to control such a large vehicle so they sometimes meet with an accident but we never ever see that side all we know is beat the hell out of them. And take their hard earned money to get our cars, bikes fixed.

Trucks on Dangerous Roads

Their life is unpleasant no family time simply because generally they are traveling it takes days to deliver products, they have no place to sleep, rest or even for food.

Trucks drivers cooking on Road

Half the time they sleep in their trucks or even below them, they cook food in the truck because they don’t have any other options.

Truck Driver sleeping below truck

Truck Drivers cooking food inside their truck

They have so many health issues to stay awake at night they either chew tobacco, smoke and what not and they do all of this just to deliver things on time.

Truck drivers waiting in Jam

They never take rest because they don’t want us to eat rotten bread and they know how important it is to deliver Newspaper on Time. Yes, if they do not care about us, then they can think about having some rest.


When it comes to what these people have been doing for us, how must stress they go through? We can never repay them. We know we can’t do much for them and we don’t have the resources to help them to have a better life.

Let’s take a pledge today that from now we will respect them for what they have been doing for all of us to get things on our doorsteps that too without complaining.

They are our Another Indian of the Day and It’s our moral duty to show some respect to them.



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